5 Tips on how to rent a car cheap & safely in Spain

Travelers who enjoy freedom of movement travel abroad without the help of travel agencies and ready-made tours
5 Tips on how to rent a car cheap & safely in Spain

You independently choose the route, deal with visas and search for hotels, and plan how to move within the country. For this, there is a car rental service, which you can take right at the airport upon arrival. This is convenient because you do not need to book a transfer to the hotel or look for a taxi. From the first day of the trip you can feel at full strength yourself as a free bird and live like a local person.

#1 Going on a trip abroad, you can choose one of two ways of rent a car

The first option. You can buy a tour from the agency or travels independently, having booked a hotel and receiving a visa if you are non-EU citizen. The first option is preferred by beginners in the tourism or families with young children who are interested in a comfortable organized rest, when everything is planned in advance by the travel agent and is coordinated on the spot by the host country. In this case, you will be offered a car rental company among the partners of the travel agency. As a rule, the cost of such rent will be much higher than the market price in Spain.

The second option. Go "savage" and independently make up the route preferred by adventurers and seasoned travelers who value freedom of movement and independence from group programs. At the same time, it is necessary to plan the way of movement within the state, and for this purpose the local car rental is best suited. Local car rental in Spain is always cheaper than in large international car rental companies.

#2 You will most likely be able to negotiate a discount

With frequent appeals, you will become a regular customer, who can count on discounts and an individual approach. Call the office for reservations or order details. Communicate personally with the car rental manager.

#3 Find a local office for car rental, which is trusted

Spain is a big country in Western Europe, so everything here is organized according to the highest order and is controlled by the authorities. Offices that deal with car rental are necessarily registered and have a license for their activities. There are solid and time-tested international companies and small local ones, each has its own advantages for customers, so it is impossible to say unambiguously which is better.

It is best to book a car in advance before the arrival, to be sure of the availability of the brand that interest you and save on rental. Rentline Car is a well-known car rental company that is trusted by customers around the Malaga and Andalucia during many years. You find here a cheap car rental by the day, a week or month. The web-interface is convenient for ordering by mobile or PC. Also you can check all the details in your language and read the terms of the contract.

You can book online or car hire in Malaga Airport or Torremolinos area car rental office. Rentline Car has office in Malaga, Torremolinos area and allows you to rent economy or premium transport not only in Spain, but also throughout Europe.


#4 Get freedom of action with a rented car

Rentline Car has vehicles of different classes, brands and price categories in excellent condition are offered to choose from. This makes it possible to choose an option for your pocket and requirements.

A family with children can take a spacious car — a sedan, if a city tour or an SUV is planned, if you want to make a safari by filling out an application in advance and receiving it at the airport upon arrival. To help the excellent condition of roads.

Rent a cabriolet for a trip along the seacoast with a breeze — what could be more tempting? It is good to know the expanses of the new state and get to know its life closely only in freedom without binding to the tourist program.

Steep sports cars of premium class are also available in different modifications by request. The rental price depends on the type of vehicle and its category in the first place, after which time, calendar time and other factors are taken into account.

#5 Explore the Spain on previously unknown routes

In a rented car via Rentline Car you can travel to cities and towns, drive in far corners and explore the country on previously unknown routes. This is much more interesting than traveling with a large group of tourists on a bus in the guide's company along the well-known roads and known to all places.

Rent a car can be from the age of 21, some offices require a document certifying the age, at least 25 years. All you need to have with you is an identity document with your driver's license, which have your name and category of vehicles that you can drive, written in Latin letters.