6 Surfing beaches of Cadiz

In between two rock groynes, Cadiz beaches works best on bigger swells
6 Surfing beaches of Cadiz

There are a good variety of beaches where you can surf: from the the city centre of Cadiz. During the summer some of these Cadiz beaches only permit surfing outside bathing times. Summer is also when the waves are suitable for beginners

1. Yerbabuena beach or Playa de la Hierbabuena, Barbate

Surf in Costa de la Luz is famous worldwide. Located in the province of Cadiz, especifically in Barbate, Yerbabuena beach is perfect for surfers. The wind raises the waves while the colourful surfboards leave beautiful images on the surface of the sea. Visit this beach if you like the sport and the local food, a wonder almadraba red tuna is the perfect meal to recover the energy you spent practising surf.

2. Cortadura beach or Playa de Cortadura

The coastline of the capital of Ccadiz is a great place to have your first contact with surf, since the waves there are soft and the beaches are not dangerous, since the sea floor is sandy and generally there are no currents. Cortadura Beach is the perfect place, where you can also enjoy and view some wild vegetation. The best conditions imply medium tides and northern winds. If you want to start practising this sport, you know the place to go.

3. Barbate beaches of Caños de Meca

Los Canos de Meca is a magical place in the province of Cadiz, located 8 km from Barbate and Conil de la Frontera and only 14 km from Vejer.

4. Carmen beach or Playa del Carmen, Barbate

Carmen beach (La playa de Nuestra Señora del Carmen) it is the urban beach of Barbate, on the Costa de la Luz, province of Cádiz, Spain. In the area near the mouth of the River Barbate of the municipal urban beach. Sandy, without currents and with long, gentle waves, this beach is a good option for beginners and mid-level surfers who want to surf in Andalusia.

5. La Fontanilla beach or Playa de la Fontanilla, Conil de la Fontera

La Fontanilla beach in Conil de la Frontera is very well known among the best Andalusian surfers. It is where the score tests for the Championship of Spain have been held for years. Its cliffs protect it from the wind and it offers good right and left peaks. It does not often have tube waves. In summer, surfing is only permitted outside of bathing times. It is one of Conil’s main urban beaches.

6. El Palmar beach, Vejer

Surfing in Cadiz has its own name: El Palmar. El Palmar is a very long beach where you can enjoy peace and quiet; just a little windy, which makes it ideal for windsurfers. El Palmar is located 5 km north of Vejer and is the Surf capital of Andalucia. Is also the largest meeting point for Spanish surfers.

In fact, it always appears in the lists of the best beaches in Spain if you want to practise the sport. If you like this atmosphere and you want to enjoy surfing, come and visit El Palmar. The culture of surfing is rooted in this town, and many bars and shops have become experts in the activity.

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