9 car rental tips for Malaga

Learn more about travel insurance, car rental conditions and other things you should know before booking. We are sure that these recommendations will save you time and money when you next rent a car
9 car rental tips for Malaga

Useful rental car guide in Malaga

We have combined the most common questions and suggestions from our customers to create a useful car rental guide in Malaga

Tip #1: Luggage

Before traveling, check if everything is okey with your luggage. Purchase roadmaps if you need them and try to relax before you travel. Pay attention to where you leave your wallet and car keys wherever you are: airport, car rental office, restaurant, etc. To avoid unpleasant surprises — do not leave valuables unattended.

Tip #2: Fuel

In most cases car rental fuel is not included in the rental price and you must deliver your car with the same amount of fuel with which you rented a car. It is usually half the tank. Although the conditions may vary depending on the location and the chosen company. We recommend you carefully read the car rental conditions.

Fuel is not our car rental company’s moneymaker in Málaga. Rentline Car rules are the same as indicated in the offer. Working with us, you return the car with the same amount of fuel with which you received it.

Please pay attention before refueling your car tank: do not mix fuel gasoline with diesel fuel for example. Otherwise you seriously damage the engine of the rental car. If it happens to you, do not turn on the car! Ask for help at a gas station and they will drain the wrong fuel.

Tip #3: Personal documents

Personal documents are the first thing you should check before renting a car in Spain. You will not believe how many people forget their homes. Please remember to bring your driver’s license, passport, cash or credit card. Do not use a photocopy of your driver’s license. Car rental companies will not accept it as valid documentation. If you come from a country outside Europe, do not forget to bring your international driver license.

Tip #4: Driver’s license

Whenever you travel to another country it is wise to keep abreast of current laws on traffic rules. There may be some differences in the laws of both countries that you should be aware of. When you decide to rent a car in Spain you must take into account the following driving rules.

Tip #5: Unknown road sings

There are probably several options in the Spanish sign that are similar to your country. You should pay particular attention to transitions like crosswalk, traffic lights and STOP signs.

Tip #6: Speed restrictions

Spain uses kilometers per hour. In accordance with the new law it is considered a violation of the maximum speed of more than 60%. In this case you may face up to 6 months in prison. Therefore observe the required speed limits to avoid serious problems.

Tip #7: Alcohol level in blood

In this case there are no identical restrictions in the EU countries. However you should be aware that driving under the influence of alcohol in Spain is a punishable offense from 6 to 12 months in prison (depending on the level of alcohol in the blood). The legal blood alcohol limit in Spain is:

Tip # 8: Parking Areas

Take into account where you parked your car. If you leave it in front of a traffic sign (in Spanish: Vadoermanente) or next to the yellow curb, you can be fined and your car can be taken to the penalty parking lot. Remember to buy a ticket at the parking meter when you park next to blue curbs or blue stripes on the road. Leave the ticket on the dashboard of the car.

Tip #9: Car Safety

Never forget to use your car's seat belts while driving. If children travel with you, they should use standard child restraints. Do not forget to include them as an additional option when renting a car when you make an online request. Rentline Car offers a child seat rental service.