9 Of The Best Surfing Beaches in Andalusia

Andalucia is famous for its nice places and coasts. The Iberian Peninsula is home to some of the sweetest surfing spots in Europe
9 Of The Best Surfing Beaches in Andalusia

1. Cabopino Beach, Marbella

Cabopino Beach or La playa de Cabopino, is the ideal surfing beach for beginners looking to improve their surfing skills. At Cabopino beach, the waves are quite moderate. There are schools in the city where you will be taught all the tricks to learn how to surf. This is ideal for you if you are traveling with your kids in Marbella by car so they can have fun with their surfboard as well. You will also have the opportunity to practice a modern sport: paddle surfing.

2. Fuengirola Beach or Santa Amalia Beach, Fuengirola

Surf has a fixed settlement in Costa del Sol all year round: Santa Amalia beach in Fuengirola. Surf lovers travel to this town to do their best. The colourful surfboards under the water creates incredible images in a place you cannot miss if you really love surf. Besides, there are shops which specialise in this sport at the promenade, where you will be able to find everything you need. Will you come?

3. Los Lances Beach or Tarifa Beach, Tarifa

Los Lances de Tarifa is a beach located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, a unique place to practise surf. Only 14 kilometres away from Africa, this part of the coastline turns into a never ending pilgrimage of surf lovers from around the world. The strong wind blowing in the area creates high waves, which is perfect to try the different surf moves. If you love surf and would also like to see beautiful scenery, don’t think it twice and come to Tarifa.

4. Los Bateles beach, Conil

Beaches with thin sand and waves are everyday things in the coasts of Conil de la Frontera. To practise surf there is nothing better than Los Bateles Beach, where the waves will let you reach the sky. Around the area there are several schools that teach this sport so that all the beginners who have not yet started surfing can acquire the necessary skills to get into the exciting world of surf.

5. Casasola Beach or Atalaya beach, Estepona

Apart from having an impressing historical centre, Estepona has a varied coastline for everyone. From those who wish to go to the beach to relax, families to those who want to practise water sports. It is exactly in Atalaya beach where you can do all these sport activities, such as surf. Many young people visit this area in order to make the most of the best waves in the Mediterranean.

6. Punta Umbria Beach, Huelva

The coastline of Punta Umbría is ideal to practise surf. In fact many competitions are held here throughout the year including also bodyboard contests. The strong winds of the Atlantic Ocean and its general weather conditions turn this place into a perfect meeting point. Besides, there are several beach bars and surfers bars with a fantastic atmosphere.

7. Mazagón Beach, Huelva

The town of Mazagon is very popular for its large beaches and the pine trees that protect it, next to the Doñana Park. Surfers from all over Spain visit this beach to make the most of its wave. Mazagon Beach is washed by the Atlantic Ocean and has a fantastic atmosphere. In addition, Mazagon Beach is located in the province of Huelva, the gastronomic capital of Spain. We recommend that you try local shrimp and tuna entrecote at Mazagon. There is nothing better than recuperating after surfing with a few traditional meals.

8. Punta del Rio / La Cagaila beach in Salobreña, Motril

Playa Punta del Río/La Cagaílla en Salobreña is one of Costa Tropical’s surfing points. You will find it in a hidden corner on the coast of the municipality of Salobreña, on the boundary with Motril. It is a shallow beach located at the mouth of the River Guadalfeo. Perfect for beginner and mid-level surfers. The waves do not usually rise higher than one and a half metres and break very close to the shore. Also, there are waves almost every day of the year. Waves for expert surfers usually occur less frequently.

9. La Chucha beach, Motril

Playa de la Chucha is another point in Costa Tropical that is perfect for surfing. It is located in the municipality of Motril. It offers waves of mid- to high-level difficulty; tube waves like the famous Hawaiian ones.

Spain is famous for its nice places and coasts. The Iberian Peninsula is home to some of the sweetest surfing spots in Europe.

Will you come?

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