Benalmadena cableway

The Benalmadena area is dominated by mountains where not only cars and buses are available for excursions, but ropeways also compete with them.
Benalmadena cableway

The best vantage point

Just like by car, it is easier to travel with a child in a cableway and the surroundings are easier to see. If you're on a family holiday on the Costa del Sol, for example, Benalmadena's cableway will take you to the best vantage point.

What to interest a child in such an excursion?

Here's how. The cable car starts from the sea and climbs to the top of Mount Calamorro, 769 metres above sea level. While the ride ascends it makes one want to chant: "I'm sitting high and looking far away".

It's true that on a clear day during the ride you can even see the coast of Africa. The vast sea on one side, the folds of the Sierra Nevada mountain range on the other and small, toy-like Benalmadena at the bottom. All this beauty just begs to be captured.

Teleferico Benalmadena cable car and lookout points

The Teleferico Benalmadena cable car takes 15 minutes to get to the lookout points where you can walk around as much as you like. There are hiking trails on the top of Calamorro. Don't just look to the sides while you're walking; look underfoot to collect Mediterranean herbs for your herbarium together with your child.

Teleferico Benalmadena cable car and lookout points, Malaga, Spain

Birds of Prey Show

Your Benalmadena cable car tickets are also a service in that they are a pass to the birds of prey show that is taking place at the top of the mountain. How can you not marvel at the beauty and freedom of the white-headed eagles soaring high! Owls and members of the hawk family also take part in the show.

Please note that only a folding pram can be transported in the cable car cabin. We also recommend that you bring warm clothes, as the Calamorro Peak is blowing in unpleasant winds.

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Teleferico Benalmadena cable car and lookout points, Malaga, Spain

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