Car rental for business in Spain

If the business requires expansion, then you can't do without creating your own fleet of cars.
Car rental for business in Spain

Cars for moving employees and executives' official trips

Cars are needed not only for transporting goods and providing services, but also for moving employees and executives' official trips.

However, in the current economic situation not every company can afford the one-time investment of large sums of money in the purchase of machinery. The best way out of this situation for the legal entities will be to rent vehicles.

RentlineCar business offers car rental in Malaga

RentlineCar business offers car rental in Malaga, Spain on the most favorable conditions. You will find vehicles to suit every taste at an affordable price in our catalog. Invest your money in the development of your enterprise by taking advantage of your corporate fleet today.

Advantages of Renting a Corporate Car from RentlineCar

Trucks and cars are just as much a business tool as opening new retail outlets or advertising a product. Renting a car from RentlineCar is a complex of services, which will help you focus on the most important things and optimize your expenses.

Our catalog features high resolution color photographs, technical specifications, and detailed information about our rental rates.

Car rental for business in Spain via

We are the only ones you'll find:

Long-term car rental for legal entities on favorable terms in Malaga

If you rent a car for a long term (one month and more) you can count on favorable rates and special privileges. It is possible to select a car specifically for the customer.

Commercial companies can not worry about having to form a separate unit to service the car. Our company undertakes scheduled technical inspections and repairs, you only need to provide access to the equipment to experts, according to a predetermined schedule.

Long-term car rental for legal entities on favorable terms in Malaga,

Advantages of renting a car from RentlineCar for legal entities

Representatives of small, medium and large business may use services of our company. Use of rental cars will be most profitable and effective because the customer receives a full package of services:

What is necessary for business car rental?

You need to conclude a contract. It is necessary to have documents, confirming the status of legal entity, personal ID and the rights of the person in whose name the rental will be executed. The driver must be at least 25 years old, and driving experience: from one year.


📌 Equal fuel policy

📌 Third party insurance with car passenger insurance

📌 FREE roadside assistance

📌 Free cancellation and change of reservations

📌 Unlimited mileage


The car will be returned with the same fuel level as rented. If it is not returned with the same fuel level, a charge corresponding to the missing fuel will be made. We do not charge for reporting services. Personal service. We are not intermediaries!

Cars are delivered to the agreed destination point in fully working order, clean, with a full tank of fuel. We are ready to advise you on matters of interest right now. Contact us!