Car rental in Malaga without credit card

Do you want to rent a car in Malaga without a credit card? You have come to the right place! Rentline Car offers you the option of renting a car directly at Malaga airport without using a credit card. Car rental in Malaga without credit card
Car rental in Malaga without credit card

Rent a car without a credit card — it’s possible!

We know that many of our clients do not have a credit card. Or they just don't want to use it. Rentline Car can offer the best solutions and conditions for car rental in Andalusia: we facilitate your task and accept payment by cash or debit card. We care about the comfort of our customers, therefore, we also offer the possibility of renting a car at Malaga airport and paying for our services without a credit card.

We offer modern cars at the best price in Malaga, Marbella and nearby cities and give you the opportunity to choose the car that best suits your needs. There are small cars to travel around the city, as well as large family cars and luxury cars. Book your car online and enjoy the best car rental service in Malaga without a credit card!

Can I get a car without a credit card and without deposit?

It's almost impossible. Having a credit card is a prerequisite for most companies. If you do not have a credit card, renting the car in Spain you run the risk of running out of car.

Of course, today, when credit card payments are firmly integrated into the lives of most of us, there are situations in which it is more convenient for a traveler to pay in cash. But in the vast majority of cases, car rental conditions require a credit card from any of these issuers: Visa, Master Card or American Express.

As a general rule, when booking a car in Spain online or offline, car rental companies require a credit card deposit. The required amount of guarantee is blocked in the bank account at the time of receipt of the vehicle. This is done to retain an additional amount of money from the customer, for example:

A deposit in Spain cannot be blocked for more than a month, so companies usually block it for several days once the car is returned. However, in practice, delays in returning a deposit do sometimes occur.

Here is a specific case with calculations about a security deposit:

For example, a car rental for €150, while the deposit amount is €1000. If you do not have a credit card, you must have these €1000 in your personal account so that the car rental company can block it. A thousand euros is a large amount to freeze, also the offensive fact is that it cannot be used while traveling. So if you do not receive a fine, this money will be unlocked within a month after your trip.

Remember that car rental in Spain without a credit card is almost impossible: many rental companies simply do not accept cash or ordinary bank deposit cards for payment, especially for long-term rentals. We give you this opportunity. At the Rentline Car office, you can pay cash for a rented car.

Deposit for renting a car

Avoiding the deposit is possible in cases where there is full insurance coverage. In critical situations, you will not have to pay for unforeseen damages, but the police must record the facts of the damage.

Car rental in Málaga Airport

We care about the comfort of our customers, therefore, we offer the possibility of renting a cheap car at Malaga airport. We will deliver the car completely free of charge upon reservation.

Our office is located ten minutes from the airport, so for your convenience we also offer you the opportunity to rent a car for free at Malaga airport. The Rentline Car office is open seven days a week, from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. You can also return the rented car out of working hours.

If your plans have changed, you are forced to reschedule to travel to Malaga; You can always change the times in your reservation. Or even cancel it by warning us in advance.

Cars for any taste and purse

Our company can offer cars for all tastes and budgets, you can also select cars in a way you need it:

We are ready to offer all this and much more in the most preferable terms for you. For example, if you arrive in Malaga for a short period for tourism, business or personal needs, renting a car for one day at our company will be an excellent way to quickly resolve all planned matters. Also, if you have limited funds, our company is ready to offer you many options, renting a cheap car will be a great way to get out of this situation for you.

All the cars we offer for rent are in perfect technical condition, they are regularly inspected and maintained, they have all the necessary documents. Therefore, our customers cannot fear that the rented car will leave them on their way.

Rent a car at the most attractive price

Premium and economy class cars, convertibles, sports cars or hire 4x4 — this is not a complete list of what you can rent with us at the most attractive prices for you.

Car rental documents in Spain

When planning to rent a car in Spain it should be remembered that in this case, following the general conditions of an international standard are generally required. In case you have not turned 25, you must take out insurance for a young driver. In addition, cars will not be delivered if you have not turned 21.

What do you need to know when signing a rental agreement?

When signing the contract, you should familiarize yourself with the list of car rental conditions, which should include the following elements:

What does car rental include?

As a general rule the rental price includes a deductible and the necessary costs for the fuel. Like the subsequent customer you should receive a car with a full (or partially full) tank. Rental prices depend on the type of car, its cost and class. For example, a simple car in Andalusia is quite economical. And the exclusive options or vans designed for many passengers and provide a higher rate.

Today in Rentline Car there are excellent offers for the cheap cars rental: for a day, a week, a month and for a long-term rental. You can see the best prices online in 4 quick and easy steps! Book your car now at the lowest price and see how much you will save compared to other services!