Car rental in Seville

Drive a Rentline Car from Malaga to Seville! You can also start your journey directly from Malaga Airport to Seville - we will customize the right car for your individual order
Car rental in Seville

To Seville by Car

Drive a Rentline Car from Malaga to Seville! Traveling by car in Seville is a great way to discover the artistic and architectural heritage of the region:

Discover the journey along the mountain roads, the numerous and impressive natural landscapes of Andalusia and the surrounding regions of Spain! You can start your journey directly from Malaga Airport to Seville - we will customize the right car for your individual order.

Interesting routes and ideas for traveling in Seville

Sierra Norte de Sevilla

After you enjoy the charm of the Andalusian city of Seville, you can go north of Seville to the natural biosphere reserve — Sierra Norte de Seville Park. It was declared a natural park in 1989 and is part of the Sierra Morena. Sierra Norte de Sevilla is an ideal park for hiking and cycling. Here is a network of pedestrian and bike paths with viewing platforms where you can enjoy unique natural landscapes.

Cerro del Yerro

Cerro del Hierro is a magical enclave in the province of Seville and a unique natural attraction which is an unusual rock formation. The unusual appearance of Cerro del Hierro is the result of erosion of limestone and is extremely popular among climbers. Although many prefer to visit this park just to admire the beautiful views that its natural landscape can offer.

In the same park you will also find several examples of archaeological remains such as an ancient settlement, several ancient cemeteries and the so-called Cueva de los Covacos - a cave with prehistoric drawings inside.

Donyan National Park

With Rentline Car you can arrange a car trip south of Seville and visit another famous biosphere reserve - Doñana National Park. The park was recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1994.

The great natural value of this park lies in the huge number of ecosystems and species that it contains. This natural area has the greatest biodiversity in Europe and is well known for its vast swamps, attracting many birds every year. It is also the preferred habitat of many endangered animal species, such as the Iberian lynx and the imperial eagle.

These are just a few examples of historical routes that come together in the delightful and mind-blowing Andalusian region. Thanks to Rentline Сar, you can comfortably explore the entire province by car, which we will select for you according to your preferences. See more: Rent a car in Malaga.