Enterprise car rental in Malaga

Any company, from a small business to a multinational corporation, is often faced with the need to provide its employees with vehicles.
Enterprise car rental in Malaga

There are two ways: the company can get its own fleet or rent the necessary number of cars.

Cheap enterprise car rental in Malaga

Every year, renting a car by companies is becoming more and more popular. And it is not surprising. Having your own fleet of cars is very expensive.

Besides the purchase and maintenance of motor vehicles, technical staff for their maintenance and repair is also necessary, there is a need for a separate building or complex of buildings. Cars need to be provided with spare parts, technical inspection. Purchase of cars and maintenance of the fleet requires substantial paperwork, payment of taxes and fees.

Need to meet business partners or VIP clients?

A large corporate event is planned and you need a car escort? Do you have a solid meeting or an important business trip? In all these cases rental cars for companies can help you.

Enterprise car rental allows you to resolve companies issues, time and financial expenses both for private companies and state-owned enterprises. You can not only get rid of the vehicle fleet which is useless most of the time, but also reduce costs for its maintenance and employment of non-core staff.

Enterprise car rental in Malaga, Spain | RentlineCar.com

Enterprise car rental in Malaga is more profitable and convenient

The company-lessor undertakes all expenses which demand considerable expenses, providing always serviceable, modern, comfortable and safe vehicles.

Our experience in cooperation with companies has shown that car rental for companies is quite convenient. Our company offers a large selection of car models from various manufacturers, guaranteeing their full working order. We provide cars that are no more than 2 years old. We value our clients' time, therefore in case of any breakdown we guarantee a replacement car of the same class at least.

Why is it profitable?

Even if your company has its own fleet of cars, it is almost impossible to equip it for all occasions. It is expensive, the more so that cars still need somewhere to be maintained and serviced regularly.

Renting is much more profitable and easier, and that is why:

Our advantages

Enterprise car rental in Malaga via RentlineCar.com

Car rent rate includes

Rent a car for company trips

Renting a car for corporate travel will be an added benefit to both your brand and your convenience. You won't have to worry about company’s things, and an experienced professional is in charge of all traffic issues.

RentlineCar is ready for the most complex orders and non-standard situations! We offer Enterprise car rentals in Malaga, Spain.

How much does it cost to rent a car for business?

The cost of car rental is calculated individually. It is influenced by term, quantity of motor transport, its brand and model, equipment. The longer you use the car, the cheaper it costs per day.

Enterprise car rental in Malaga, rent a car for business via RentlineCar.com

Ordering a rental from us, you get:

Even if our fleet does not include the model that you need

For car rentals for corporate clients in Málaga, please call: +34 603 40 41 41 or email info@rentlinecar.com


📌 Equal fuel policy

📌 Third party insurance with car passenger insurance

📌 FREE roadside assistance

📌 Free cancellation and change of reservations

📌 Unlimited mileage


The car will be returned with the same fuel level as rented. If it is not returned with the same fuel level, a charge corresponding to the missing fuel will be made. We do not charge for reporting services. Personal service. We are not intermediaries!