Everything you need to know about the Andalusia Surf Trip

The beaches of Malaga, Huelva and Granada are visited by surfers of all skill levels
Everything you need to know about the Andalusia Surf Trip

In the summer of 2019, we heard the first time of people who surf Andalusia. It sounded weird to us, as Andalusia faces South West and most swells would be blocked by the Algarve or Morocco

Everyone knows the Bask Country as one of Europe’s prime surf regions, and of course of the Canary Islands. And the idea of a surf trip along the North coast of Spain, driving through Cantabria and Asturias, maybe even to Galicia was nothing new, and rather obvious when you look at the usual surfer map.

But to surf Andalusia?!

We found the idea really interesting: a whole stretch of surfabel coastline, which is overlooked by so many surfers. Our curiosity was awake, and we have to find out a few more things about it. It is true, most Atlantic swells come from the North West, and are blocked by Portugal.

But as soon as the seasons change, and the centre of the swells are further South, the angle is different, and there is nothing interfering with the open ocean waves on there way to the shore and for good surf in Andalusia.

Summer Surf Trip for beginners

During the summer, some of these Cádiz beaches only permit surfing outside bathing times. Summer is also when the waves are suitable for beginners. Perfect waves for experienced surfers usually occur in winter.

There are also amazing surfing beaches on the coast of other Andalusian provinces. Beaches in Málaga, Huelva and Granada are frequented by surfers of different levels. There are places with perfect waves for beginners, more advanced surfers and experts.

The Andalusian coast is full of surfing and other water sports schools, so you won’t have a problem if you want to learn to surf in Andalusia. These schools are usually located on beaches with perfect waves for beginners. This is the case with Playa Punta del Río in Salobreña, which has usually waves every day that are suitable for beginners.

When is the best time for surfing in Andalusia?

This usually starts around September and gets better toward winter, with the prime season around December to February. It stays relatively consistent until March and April, with a fair number of good days until May. Of course, there is the odd summer swell as well, but if you plan to really surf, it is for sure a great option as a winter get-away. For long journeys to the beaches of Andalusia, rent a car from a local car rental company.

The best surfing beaches in Andalusia are on the Cádiz coast

Beaches like Los Lances in Tarifa, de Caños de Meca in Barbate or La Fontanilla in Conil are famous among surfing lovers. We invite you to discover of the best surfing beaches in Andalusia.

This might be something new for us European surfers

But not for old, retired Brits and Germans, who knew that this coastline has the most sun-hours year round, on mainland Europe. Many bought there second or retirement house somewhere around Malaga, and spend there time drinking wine and golfing, what brought a market for cheap rental cars and houses, as well as budget flights from all over Europe and everything else tourists look for.

What a better way to travel the coast looking for the best waves of the Andalusian coast?

Are you decided to start a surf trip in the Atlantic? A sunset on a beach and a sunrise… no schedules, no pressure. It is the essence of a true surfari. The real surfers do not want to wake up in a hotel like any other tourist. Surfing is not a branch of tourism, it is a lifestyle and as such, must be experienced.

Imagine driving a campervan as the classic Volkswagen T2 in your surf trip, along the coast to the place and enjoy the waves and beaches until the sun leaves. In addition, driving up our own house gives us the opportunity to visit many other places, after enjoying a day of surfing.

For Surf Trip, travel by car in one of the most beautiful parts of Spain — Andalusia. Search for prices on VOLKSWAGEN GOLF, SKODA FABIA, SEAT LEON, SEAT IBIZA, PEUGEOT, OPEL VIVARO, FORD FOCUS, AUDI and more on request.