Long term car rental in Torremolinos

Torremolinos is a strategically ideal town to spend your vacations all year round, its proximity to other tourist destinations like Benalmadena, Fuengirola or Malaga make Torremolinos the perfect place to stay
Long term car rental in Torremolinos

Travelers from all corners of the world come to these regions for recreation. This is due to a special mild climate, young people are attracted by noisy discos, and family a whole 9 kilometers of beach area for swimming and sunbathing. The coastline is replete with good restaurants and cafes, where you can taste delicious meals.

How do I get from Malaga to Torremolinos?

The distance between Málaga and Torremolinos is 13 km. The road distance is 18.9 km. To take a taxi from Malaga Airport to Torremolinos will be metered and will have an approximate price of 20€ for the journey. You can also rent a car at Malaga Airport for long term car rental: for a week, a month or a few days, it will cost you much less than a taxi. Cheap car rental by the day, a week or month in Malaga via Rentline Car only from 40 euros.

How do I travel from Málaga to Torremolinos without a car?

Malaga Area Transports operates a bus from Torremolinos to Málaga every 15 minutes. Tickets cost 1€ - 2€ and the journey takes 28 min. Alternatively, Renfe Cercanias operates a train from Torremolinos to Centro Alameda every 30 minutes, and the journey takes 24 min.

What airport do I can fly into Torremolinos?

The closest airport to Torremolinos is Malaga Airport. When your destination is the Torremolinos, you will fly into Malaga Airport (AGP), 12km north of Torremolinos city centre. There are several options you can consider when planning your trip from the airport to Torremolinos.

What to see in Torremolinos by car?

In Torremolinos, there are many places that are suitable for an exciting vacation, including, for car trips. The town of Torremolinos is located on the beach, once in its place was only a small fishing village, but, thanks to the development of tourist infrastructure, it has become really modern and comfortable for travelers by car. There are many interesting excursion trips. Consider the main Torremolinos attractions and prove that it is worth to come here.

The area of the city is 20 square kilometers.In this city there are more than 65 thousand people. In summer, the number of residents is increased seven-fold due to the flow of tourists. In particular, this place is considered to be in demand among British citizens, many of them prefer to come here for permanent stay. The presence of such migrants contributes to economic growth and the creation of modern infrastructure.

Historical reference of Torremolinos city

Findings of archeologists say that the territory was inhabited by people during the Neolithic period. This is confirmed by the tools of labor and life found. For the first time the mention of settlements in this area was made in the second century BC. They meet at Claudius Ptolemy, who in the era of Roman rule was in these parts. In the 90s of the last century, a Roman necropolis with more than twenty graves was discovered here.

After the Arab conquest the territory was actively built up and developed, in particular, in this era a large number of mills were built here. Due to numerous seizures in 1300, the construction of the Torre de Los Molinos fortifications began, which means "Tower by the mills". This became the official name for the town later. The fortress was later renamed Pimentel, its ruins can be found on San Miguel Street.

The beginning of the 18th century and the war destroyed the Torre de Los Molinos, documents of those times contain information that there are only a hundred townspeople left. Therefore, in the 19th century it became more like an ordinary village in which fishermen lived. But today the development of tourism has transformed this area, which has become popular among residents and visitors of Spain.

Casa de los Navajas

Casa de los Navajas is very close of Bajondillo beach and can be reached via calle de los Navajas or calle las Mercedes. It is open every day and entry is free.

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