Minivan, minibus or van? Van rental in Spain

Popular questions when renting a van in Spain. How to save on renting a van? Car rental tips.
Minivan, minibus or van? Van rental in Spain

Can I rent a van for a trip abroad?

Yes, you can rent a van for a trip to France, Germany, Poland, Belarus or any other country. We will prepare a special insurance and the necessary documents. If you wish you can get extended insurance in Europe from us.

What deposit must I leave when renting a car? What does it depend on?

The format and amount of the deposit depends on the type of car, insurance coverage and the type of user documents.

Is it possible to get a van today?

Yes, if we have vehicles available in our fleet for your dates, we are ready to provide a vehicle same day.

Do you rent minibuses to foreigners?

Yes, our clients can be not only citizens of Spain. A driving license valid in Spain and the European Union is a requirement.

Car rental tips in Spain

As a rule, it is easy to rent a car by following our recommendations. Decide what you need. Minivan, Minibus or van class cars are often rented by our clients in Malaga. The cheapest minivan, minibus is Renault Kangoo Cargo Van and Opel Vivaro. The rental price starts from €85 per day if you rent a car for a week.

How to save on renting a van?

Choose the exact date and time to pick up and return the car. If you want to save money, choose the same pick up and return times. Car rental companies charge per full day of rental, so if you rent a car for 25 hours, you will pay for 48 hours (two full days) of rental, and 74 hours is 96 hours (four full days) of rental.

Advantages of renting a van, minivan or minibus at Rentline Car

Where is profitable to rent a car?

If you want to rent a car: Minivan, Minibus or van from the highest rated provider in Spain, you should look at international car rental companies. But if you want to rent a van cheaply, at a bargain price - look towards local car rental companies. Rentline Car is a Spanish car rental company where you can find a car on the most favorable terms. For example, with Rentline Car, you can rent a van or minibus in Málaga from €23 per day, starting from 15 days:

Rentline Car is the highest rated car rental company in Malaga, with an average rating of 9/10 based on 1000+ customer reviews. The cheapest car from Rentline Car is a SEAT IBIZA CLASS C for €23 per day when booked for 14 days.

Renting a Mini Van in Málaga

The compact most popular model is the Volkswagen Golf. The price of renting such a car starts at €80 per day or €45 per day for rentals of 15 days or more at Rentline Car. The cheapest minivan in Malaga Skoda Fabia Class C, its price is only €70 per day or from €23 per day for rentals from 14 days.

Choosing to rent an Opel Vivaro without a driver from Rentline Car offers many advantages. You can find the current prices on the car search page, you can make a reservation by means of a special reservation form or by phone: +34 603 40 41 41.