Renting a car during a coronavirus pandemic

How to live and what to do during a coronavirus? Close up at home, having bought stewed meat, buckwheat and, most importantly, toilet paper in advance?
Renting a car during a coronavirus pandemic

Or live as usual?

RentlineCar is well aware of the threat, but urges you not to panic, but to take the necessary measures and live as usual.

If you don't happen to have a car, it was only yesterday you were taking the metro or a taxi. But already today, you are frightened of the crowds and the traces of the virus from previous passengers. Renting a car from RentlineCar is the ideal solution.

All our vehicles are not only washed on the outside, but also on the inside before being handed over to the client. During the handover, we wipe down the interior of the vehicle in front of you to make it hygienic. We take care of our customers. Our car hire service is a safe and affordable service for all makes and models!

RentlineCar's commitment to the complete cleaning of your rental car

Today, as always, we strive to maintain the highest standards of cleaning in the rental car industry. Now more than ever, this responsibility on our part is important to our customers and employees, and so we present our commitment to complete cleaning. We are committed to following all rigorous cabin cleaning processes, including strict sanitation procedures, to protect the health and safety of each and every one of our users.

Below are details of the changed services and company-wide steps we are taking to improve safety while remaining accessible to those who need us in these challenging times.

Renting a car during a coronavirus pandemic in Malaga, via

Key measures for key personnel

At RentlineCar we are committed to providing a safe working environment during these challenging times, and we continue to monitor the situation closely, applying additional security measures where necessary.

In addition to our staff, we also have customer service staff who work remotely to answer your questions and help you arrange or change your booking.

Staff working in the offices follow the methods recommended by the competent health authorities to ensure universal protection and reduce the risk of infection during a coronavirus outbreak.

These methods include:

Renting a car in Malaga during a coronavirus pandemic,

Basic precautions for important journeys

To protect both customers and employees, we have changed our service offering. To protect you, our employees and our community, a mask must be used at our facilities. While we look forward to serving you during this time, we understand that some travel plans may change.

We are extending our existing free cancellation policy to include customers with pre-paid bookings made directly through us. Customers who have made a booking through a third party should contact them directly.

Full Clearance Commitment

As part of our commitment to full clearance, we have expanded our already strict clearance protocols following the recommendations of health authorities and in partnership with the travel industry. We have always had an established training process for employees that emphasises proper cleaning of vehicles. We are now conducting new training adapted to this time for our employees, introducing new and more comprehensive regulations related to vehicle cleaning, which are also in line with social distancing best practices.

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The cleanliness of vehicles has always been important to us, but we now know that this is a very important issue. All of our vehicles are thoroughly cleaned between every rental and this is guaranteed by our thorough cleaning obligation. This commitment includes vacuuming, general cleaning of the vehicle and disinfection with a disinfectant that complies with the recommendations of the country's health authorities. We pay special attention to hygiene in our offices with frequent contact, including:

Car hire during a coronavirus pandemic in Malaga,

We have also taken steps to isolate any vehicle immediately if necessary. Our commitment to complete cleanliness extends to our offices as well.

We have also put in place updated security processes and procedures for our rental units. Our staff, follow the best practices recommended by government health authorities. This includes frequently disinfecting surfaces that are touched with a disinfectant throughout the day. This includes counters, phones, tablets, payment devices, door handles and other areas that require extra attention.

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📌 Equal fuel policy

📌 Third party insurance with car passenger insurance

📌 FREE roadside assistance

📌 Free cancellation and change of reservations

📌 Unlimited mileage


The car will be returned with the same fuel level as rented. If it is not returned with the same fuel level, a charge corresponding to the missing fuel will be made. We do not charge for reporting services. Personal service. We are not intermediaries!