Route from Malaga to Ronda by car

Many tourists travel in our rental cars from Malaga to Ronda. The shortest route from Malaga to Ronda is about 100 kilometers and can be reached by car in 1–1.5 hours
Route from Malaga to Ronda by car

The shortest way from Málaga to Ronda

100 kilometers by car in 1–1.5 hours is the shortest route from Malaga to Ronda. However, to get to Ronda without going through the curves will not be really possible: the mountains of Sierra de las Nieves block the road. There are several options to arrive by car. There is nothing complicated about it. Travelers generally travel from the south or north.



A detour from the north is on the A-45 highway through Antequera, then through Campiyos and Olvera on the A-384. After that section, turn to the A—374 just before Algodonales and continue to the city of Ronda. Distance: 178 kilometers, the estimated travel time is 2.5 hours.

The southern route runs along the Mediterranean coast, passing the cities of Fuengirola and Marbella. After Marbella, you must turn towards the A—397 mountain road and follow the signs that lead to our destination. In this case, the travel time is two hours and the distance is 131 kilometers.

To make the trip even more exciting, you can travel from Malaga to Ronda one route, and return from Ronda to Malaga with another. Both roads are very picturesque and you will not get bored on the road. Therefore, remember to charge your camera’s battery: we promise there will be many stunning landscapes. However, you will also pass through especially beautiful places when you drive south, through the city of Marbella.


Marbella — a large luxury tourist city, located on the south coast of the Costa del Sol. This is one of the most expensive and prestigious resorts in Spain. The city is mainly found in villas, hotels and golf courses. To the west of Marbella is the famous Golden Mile promenade with elegant nightclubs and mansions.

Antequera — a beautiful ancient city, surrounded by fields and mountainous landscapes. Antequera has a rich collection of historical and cultural attractions located in an area of ​​only 810 kilometers. Antequera is called the city of 40 churches, so for detailed knowledge of all historical and cultural attractions, you will need to spend some time here. Fortunately, all are concentrated in the historic center of the city and are followed one after another, so everything can be easily done on foot. The city is also famous for its Torcal de Antequera National Park.

Fuengirola — is one of the smallest tourist cities in Andalusia, with beautiful sandy beaches. Olvera's pride is the 12th-century Arab castle and the Church of the Incarnation.


Before heading to Ronda, you can visit many interesting places in Malaga by car in just a couple of days, which are also full of attractions. The Spanish city of Malaga is famous for its beaches, its well-developed tourist infrastructure and, of course, for its world-famous natives such as Picasso and Antonio Banderas.

A picturesque environment, ancient architectural monuments, a bullring, a unique Spanish flavor, hospitable people, beautiful beaches, a comfortable climate: all this and much more makes Malaga a very attractive place for tourists from all over the world. After all, there is something to see. These are the ruins of a theater from the time of the Roman Empire, and the palace of the Moorish kings located in the center of the city, an old lighthouse, a large cathedral.

Lovers of cultural activities will find here the house and museum of the ingenious Picasso, the city's history museum, the Thyssen art museum, where many paintings by famous Spanish artists are presented, as well as the first branch of the famous Russian Museum in Europe. Expressionism lovers can visit the Rando Museum, where they can see not only his paintings but also other artists of this era.

Malaga also has a museum of modern art and an automobile museum. There you can see a collection of old and exclusive cars, as well as originals or copies of cars belonging to prominent figures of politics and culture.


The city of Ronda is one of the most picturesque cities in Andalusia. Ronda is located high in the mountains. An impressive and picturesque road that leads to the city runs along the edge of a cliff. Most people who come on vacation in Malaga dream of seeing this magnificent city.

Ronda is located at an altitude of 750 meters above sea level. Ronda is also called the "city that rises above the gorge". More precisely, Puente Nuevo was built over the Tajo Gorge, which is about a hundred meters deep. In the background, there is a river called Guadalevin. This bridge offers stunning views of the surroundings.

There are no noisy entertainment establishments in Ronda, but you can walk safely and enjoy the views throughout the day. In addition, Ronda is the cradle of bullfighting.


Nova Bridge is the highest bridge in Ronda. The height of the bridge on the bottom of the gorge reaches 120 m! It was built between 1784-1793. By then, there were already two Arab bridges: the Old Bridge and the Arab Bridge, which were down by the river.

Near the bridge is located The Monastery of Santo Domingo — Palacio de Congresos de Ronda (Convent of Santo Domingo) where the meetings of the Court of the Inquisition were held. Along Tenorio Street, along with the houses on the cliff, you can reach the observation platform of Virador El Camillo. Next to it is the Palacio de Mondragón.

The Mondragón Palace is the former residence of the Arab rulers of Ronda. After the Reconquest, the visit to the palace was occupied by the "Catholic Monarchs". The interior of the palace is well preserved. Now there is a museum of primitive history. From the observation platform, you can see the remains of the wall of the 13th-century Arab fortress, which was destroyed by Napoleonic troops during their march along the Iberian Peninsula.

Plaza de Toros is one of the oldest and most prestigious bullfights in Spain. It was opened in 1785. Ernest Hemingway and film director Orson Welles were the regulars of local bullfights. The bullfighting museum is organized in the back rooms of the arena. The museum's collection includes posters, photographs, swords and costumes of famous bullfighters, as Ronda is considered as the birthplace of bullfights.

Behind the sand is the Alameda del Tajo park. The views of the mountains and fields that open from here were considered by the writer James Joyce as the most beautiful in Europe!


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