Сheap car rental in Malaga

It seems like it is easy to find cheap car rental in Malaga or at the Malaga airport, because it is the main gateway to the Costa del Sol, with a number of well-known operators offering car rentals on a conditions variety. However if you look closely after signing the contract you can see the final calculation much higher than the initial offer
Сheap car rental in Malaga

The following can be included in the rental car bill:

Renting a car without a credit card is a rare case. However, Rentline Car offers such an option.

Saving on car rental is our second name!

One of the main Rentline Car advantages is to adapt to each of our customers. Our car rental office is located in Malaga. We offer various car options in accordance with your requirements. In addition to the offers on the website, you can make an individual request and we will select for you the best car option at the best price in Malaga.

If you need to spend a few days in Malaga before heading to another region, it may be easier for you to get around by public transport. You can pick up your rental car in the Malaga center later. For example, next to the Malaga is Maria Zambrano train station. Some operators can deliver your rental car to your hotel or home for an extra charge.

Rent a car in Malaga: roads and safety

Driving in Malaga itself is quite simple with quieter roads than in some major cities in Spain. However, you must be careful with local drivers who have a reputation for being fast and sometimes short-tempered drivers. Keep calm and be careful in busy areas with heavy traffic.

Traffic signs in Spain are not always easy to read, so it may be easier for you to take satellite navigation. Take it with you or add it as a car rental option. Rentline Car offers car rental with GPS navigation. Of course, you can ask the locals how to get there but this can only be done in Spanish.

Parking in the Malaga center may be limited

Therefore, before the trip it is worth checking whether your hotel has parking spaces or where the nearest parking lots are located. If you travel from the city to the Sierra Nevada Mountains, keep in mind that roads can be windy and often dangerous. Drive slowly and watch for sharp turns.

Recommended Day Trips from Malaga

The Malaga center is about a 25-minute drive from Málaga Airport and coastal resorts such as Benalmadena and Torremolinos can be reached in less than half an hour. Nerja is an hour away and Marbella is a 40-minute drive South. You can get some amazing car rental deals at Malaga Airport, especially during off-peak periods. And between the baggage claim carousels 28 and 31 you will find the famous brands racks, where the maximum rental car bill comes out.

Frigillana, travel time: 50 minutes

Frigillana is sometimes called the most beautiful city in Andalusia and it's hard to argue with that. Its whitewashed buildings are often decorated with vibrant colors and the narrow streets are decorated with mosaic tiles. Less than an hour's drive East of Malaga it has a stunning historic center. Originally built and occupied by the Moors before they were expelled from the region. You can explore its ideal streets or climb the hill of El Fuerte just outside the city to enjoy panoramic views.

Granada, travel time: one hour 40 minutes

Located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains foothills the ancient city of Granada boasts beautiful Moorish architecture and a Bohemian mix of tapas restaurants, tea houses and flamenco bars. The city pearl is the extensive Alhambra Palace. The Spanish Royal Family former home its mix of Islamic and Christian architecture reflects centuries-old Andalusian history, and is strewn with magnificent courtyards and landscaped gardens. You could wander around for several days and never get bored.

Seville, travel time: two hours 30 minutes

Seville is the capital of the Andalusian region and an ideal place to visit. In Seville you can learn about Spanish history and centuries-old cultural traditions. The impressive Seville Gothic cathedral like the Alhambra, mixes Moorish and Christian styles. The cathedral is located in its center and is surrounded by cobblestone streets, decadent palaces and magnificent squares. All this will create a great mood for you to enjoy drinks and tapas, as well as watch the local flamenco show.

The best car rental tips in Malaga

Car rental is not expensive with Rentline Car. Our office is located in the city of Malaga, Spain. We also deliver cars to Malaga Airport as a free additional option. You can ask all your questions to Rentline Car managers on business days.