The 6 best surf cars in the history of mankind

Which five cars should be considered the best surf cars of all time? Everyone will answer this question differently.
The 6 best surf cars in the history of mankind

Opinions of office plankton, solemnly going to the beach in new Audi station wagons not yet run boards from Tomo Firewire, do not count. These are not surf-mobiles, but motorized grocery strollers for housewives, which surfers sometimes find themselves driving. We're interested in a vehicle that can live in, that can carry boards, and that will get us wherever we want to go.

A good surf car should be reliable, spacious and able to take you and your friends to the wilderness for a couple of weeks and back without any problems. While everyone has their own idea of the perfect surf car, we decided to compile a list of classic, time-tested solutions.

Volkswagen Camper Van

The same van that has made thousands of trips possible. From the late '60s and throughout the '70s, it was surfers' premier vehicle for chasing sunshine and waves. Spacious, with a modest appetite and easy to fix, the classic Volkswagen van became the benchmark for reliable transportation. With a modest seventy horsepower, the little worker effortlessly hauled surfers along the Baja Peninsula, along the Basque coast of France, and just about anywhere else they wanted to go.

The best surf cars in Malaga,

Dodge Tradesman Van

We certainly wouldn't call them luxurious. Although this van has proven to be a very reliable transport: some of our customers have traveled all over Spain.

Volkswagen Thing

More of a city car in nature, these awful yet cool cars ruled in the '70s. When seen outdoors, these cars elicited either delight or groans of disgust, depending on individual stylistic tastes.

The VolkswagenType 181 Thing was the last of its kind to be offered in the States. Although production of civilian models continued in other countries until the '80 model, in 1975 the U.S. Department of Transportation tightened safety standards, which the Thing could not meet, making its continued sales illegal

This particular specimen underwent a complete restoration with all rust removed. Like all open-top cars, the VWThing has a bad predisposition for corrosion and rot, but this example has been operated exclusively in dry climates and is virtually indistinguishable from new both inside and underneath.

Los 5 mejores coches de surf de todos los tiempos   de  En España  En Málaga  The best surf cars in Spain

Additional cosmetic touches include a lacquered wood plank floor, a pretty yellow and white paint job with the top and upholstery in the same colors. The standard gray metal wheels got chrome rims and covers in the style of the Porsche 356. Under the dashboard is installed wicker shelf, which can store beach towels, sunscreen and glasses. Well, and a board on the roof to make it clear to everyone who this car is for.

Toyota trucks from the '80s

These trucks were just indestructible. The R-22 engine never failed and could easily handle 300,000 miles. The little Toyotastal was so successful that it was easy to find parts and an auto mechanic for it in any country. It was compact, had excellent fuel economy and was not afraid of anything.

Four-door FordF-350 with a 6-liter diesel

"Brian Conley's Hurricane Hunter is a great example of sweeping away stereotypes in order to build an unbeatable out-of-town vehicle. Although newer versions of the truck offer additional amenities, this model has become a model of the "dream truck" on an unlimited budget. One could write a whole sheet of paper with a list of the extras installed on it, but how much did such a beast cost? A hundred thousand bucks, if not more. But it is possible to get by this car literally to the places, where it is possible to go at all.

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Opel Vivaro Surf

A little more than a year after launching the new generation Vivaro business model, Opel is ready to expand its range of offerings. For adventure sports, camping or nature lovers in general, it will include an attractive camping version, with which it intends to denote a very modern lifestyle. More and more people and even entire families cannot spend their free time at the weekend without contact with the mountains or the sea.


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