Travel around Málaga by Car: rent a car and get the freedom to move around!

Tasting churros and charcoal octopus, watching shows of birds of prey and bullfighting in and around Málaga there is enough bread and plenty to see.
Travel around Málaga by Car: rent a car and get the freedom to move around!

The most interesting places and things to do in Málaga

There are activities for those whose souls cry out for passion, fire and flamenco. In Málaga, you'll find the Casa del Picasso, the Banderas promenade, and a dozen other places of interest. Sitting in the stands of the Roman amphitheatre, saying hello to the Renaissance One-Handed Lady and peeking into Picasso's room, it's easy to turn a walk through the city of Malaga into a journey through time.

If your first stop in Barcelona would be the Rambla, be sure to stroll down Calle Marques de Larios. This pedestrian street is cool even on the hottest day. Sheltered from the scorching sun in the summer and brightly lit in the winter, it beckons you into its boutiques, shops, souvenir shops and cafes. You can catch a glimpse of a music festival or a Spanish designer fashion show. You certainly can't leave the Marques de Larios without shopping.

In the birthplace of flamenco

In the birthplace of flamenco in the heart of Andalusia, passionate music can be heard from every window. Spontaneous street dance battles or solo performances are not uncommon, simply because the soul begs for it. The most famous theme shop on Marques de Larios is Flamenka. It sells dancing outfits and shoes, fans, castanets and music from various flamenco genres, hard to believe, but there are over fifty of them.


Málaga's most famous long-running building is the Cathedral. Popularly nicknamed "One-Handed Lady", La Manquita. Its appearance is a mix of Gothic, Baroque and Neoclassicism, but not because the architect could not decide on the style, just building began in 1528 and lasted more than 250 years. In the end there wasn't enough money and the second hand-tower was never erected. It seems that the Spaniards find a special charm in incompleteness: the temple Sagrada Familia in Barcelona is still bristling with scaffolding, which does not prevent it from being one of the most famous attractions in the world.

The giant La Manquita has not become iconic, but it would be a shame to miss "the main Renaissance gem in all of Andalusia". Its chapels, sculptures and murals are interesting to explore on your own, especially since there are signs in Russian all around. On Sundays, admission only during services, but free.

Roman theater

Everywhere you dig in Spain, you will find a landmark. In 1951 in Malaga, undertook to repair the communications of the House of Culture and found under it a Roman theater of the I century BC. It turned out that the scale of the ancient theater was so enormous that the House of Culture had to be demolished, and the excavations themselves dragged on for forty years. But the restored Teatro romano de Malaga has spectator seats and a stage, and the acoustics were so perfect that concerts and performances are now held here again, as they were two thousand years ago.

La Malagueta

The top-rated La Malagueta arena is worth seeing at least once in a lifetime. The most colorful performances are held here: in April, May, June, August and September. If you don't make it to the bullfight, at least check out the colorful museum. The Neo-Mauritanian-style arena is fun to walk around, peeking under the bleachers and stopping for a coffee in a local cafe. If you're lucky, catch a bullfighting extravaganza and watch free performances by students of the Tavromache schools.

Ask, "How do I get to La Malagueta?" 

And you'll be offered two completely different routes. All because La Malagueta is also the city's most popular, spacious and clean beach with tall palm trees and coarse sand. Do not be confused!

Enjoyable car trip

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