Useful tips to save on car rental

Planning to visit Andalusia or any other region of Spain, you may encounter a burning desire to travel with your own car for a holiday
Useful tips to save on car rental

Frequently asked a question about car rental in Spain

Although the high season in Andalusia and throughout the country has already ended, many people continue contacting us to know the conditions of renting a car in Spain. According to high demand we decided to write some tips here to answer the frequently asked questions of our clients. Share this article with your friends if you find it useful.

Facing the desire of traveling with your own vehicle

Without a doubt this desire frequently arises among tourists when they discover the beauty of Spanish cities: magnificent beaches, nature reserves, historical monuments and many unique places that are definitely worth visiting.

The usual vacation period is from 7 to 14 days. Of course, thinking about a car, there is nothing to do with public transport. You will surely have to get up early visiting the places strictly according to the schedule in case you decide to see the city with the guided tour. In addition, there might be some places you are not very interested to see. There is no secret that most people who have a driving license will prefer to travel by car and spend their vacations at their own pace.

You can explore many more attractions with a car than the average traveler on a tourist bus. To make your trip to Andalusia and other Spanish regions as comfortable as possible at the lowest price, we are happy to share with you tips and suggestions on car rental in this country.

Looking for a cheap car rental in Spain

Let's start with a small lesson in terminology if you plan to rent a car in Spain at a really cheap price. You may have experience in renting a car on the Internet and it is quite possible that you simply type something like:

Such a search is quite typical for Americans and Russians since these are general terms they use. Big car rental companies use the same terms in their advertising, whose cost of services is much higher than the cost of local small businesses.

In addition, there are far more British tourists in Spain than Americans and Russians. Therefore you will find more accurate results when searching in a British-style for a car with an emphasis on the region in which you are looking for:

Manual gearbox vs. automatic

Knowing the fact that most cars in Spain are rented with a manual gearbox will save you money. Therefore if you can only drive the automatic ones, we have a couple of tips for you:

Importance of a car-size when renting in Spain

Pay attention to the destination and the size of the Spanish roads along which you will travel on your route when taking a car. If you plan to stay on major highways and cities, then this is not such a big problem. However if you plan to visit smaller Spanish villages to explore Spain better not to choose a big car.

The roads and streets of many old Spanish towns and cities are very small for big cars. At the same time, they provide bidirectional traffic. In most old villages, the streets are mainly pedestrian. They were built hundreds of years ago where nobody had an idea of what kind of vehicles we are going to drive these days.

The size of your rented car is also important. Each additional door has an additional cost. Therefore, traveling with your family, pay attention to the cost of a car with greater capacity. Make sure the car is large enough to accommodate all of its passengers and luggage.

To give an example, you can consider compact models such as Volkswagen Golf Class E or Seat Ibiza Class C. In these models there is enough space for 4 passengers and luggage. They are not too big for the streets and are quite easy to park.

Is it necessary to pay for insurance when renting a car?

This is a million-dollar question when you rent a car in Spain! In fact, when you rent a car anywhere in any country, it is very important to have insurance. And in Spain this applies even more.

When traveling in Spain you will notice that many cars have small dents and scratches — most of which are caused by narrow Spanish roads and streets.

Obviously renting a scratched car without insurance will be reckless. We recommend hiring at least basic insurance to save money. Compensation for car scratches will cost much more than insurance for the duration of your trip.

Save on volume

Book a car at small local car rental companies. As a general rule, in the fight for customers, local businesses are more flexible and respond to the various needs of their customers. They offer the best conditions to rent a car and an excellent service for the same money and even cheaper than bigger companies.

If you are planning a trip to Andalusia, pay attention to our local car rental company Rentline Car. Rentline Car online service is popular between local Spaniards, especially those who rent long-term cars also between tourists who rent cars for shorter terms.

Renting with Rentline you will be able to rent a car for your job or travel visit to Andalusia for any period of time needed including longer rentals as one month or more. Such an order will cost you much less than in other car rental companies, including international ones. Please don’t hesitate to contact us — we will be happy to answer any additional question related to your trip!