Van hire in Malaga, Spain

Van is very versatile, that is why renting a van without a driver is so popular in Spain. Renting a van from one day to several weeks is easy with Rentline Car.
Van hire in Malaga, Spain

Why rent a van in Malaga with Rentline Car?

Where can I use trucks?

Trucks usually carry goods that need to be protected from dirt, dust or rain. Such vehicles can carry anything from 700 kg to several tons. This vehicle is very popular and versatile, that is why renting a van without a driver is so popular in Spain.

Machines are differentiated by body type, payload and layout. Different models have different location of the cab in relation to the front axle, and different wheel configuration. The truck usually has a tilted body that protects the load from precipitation. The sides can be low or high. They come in a variety of versions:

These features depend on the number of axles: the more there are, the heavier the load can be. Our organization offers rental vans in various configurations. For example, with a tilting cab above the engine and a cab behind the engine.

The first variant allows quick access to the machine's components, the second is safer in the event of an unexpected head-on collision.

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Renting a van without a driver in Malaga

You may need to hire a van for businessmen involved in construction or for ordinary people who urgently need to move furniture or large purchases. Our commercial vehicles are suitable for anyone with a category "B" driving licence.

Vehicles are not restricted to the centre of the capital, as all models have a maximum load capacity of 1000 kg. Our autos are equipped with manufactured goods bodies. They are rigid and practical.

The most popular vans in Spain

The most popular today is a driverless van rental Opel Vivaro, Peugeot Boxer, Fiat Ducato, as well as small passenger cars. Such service, as rental of such vehicles, is very popular on car fleet market. Minivan, minibus or van?

How is van rental through Rentline Car beneficial?

You can save on freight forwarding by renting efficient, spacious vehicles at an affordable price. It is most convenient to conclude a contract for a day. You can move everything you need in a day at a convenient time, without paying for hours of standing in traffic jams. It is much more profitable than trucking services, because you do not need to pay for the labour of a hired driver!

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Why rent a truck to us?

Our rent-a-car company has been renting vans in Malaga for a long time. We provide clients with well-maintained, reliable vehicles that can be driven around Spain and further afield.


📌 Equal fuel policy

📌 Third party insurance with car passenger insurance

📌 FREE roadside assistance

📌 Free cancellation and change of reservations

📌 Unlimited mileage


The car will be returned with the same fuel level as rented. If it is not returned with the same fuel level, a charge corresponding to the missing fuel will be made. We do not charge for reporting services.

Personal service.

We are not intermediaries!

Order your van online or contact us using the contacts on the website; if you can't find a car in the catalogue, we'll find a suitable vehicle for you. +34 603 40 41 41