What can I see in and around Málaga in 10 days?

Travelling by car, itinerary for 10 days: Malaga, Benalmadena, Estepona.
What can I see in and around Málaga in 10 days?

Holidays on Málaga's coast

Holidays on Málaga's coast are most often during the hot summer months when you don't feel like visiting museums. But if you visit the Malaga coast in May or September, you'll find a list of things to see here useful.

#1 Pablo Picasso museum in Málaga

This is one of only two Picasso museums in Spain where you can see the great artist's original paintings. Follow in the footsteps of Picasso! Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno Maria de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santisima Trinidad Martir Patricio Ruiz y Picasso is not a census, but the full name of the legendary Malaga native. The locals worship the artist so much that they named the airport after him.

There are 285 works in the Picasso Museum in Malaga, and although the Barcelona museum has 15 times more, only in Malaga will you also visit the house where the genius was born and lived until the age of 10. Check out the furnishings that surrounded the artist as a child, photographs of Pablo's family and an exhibition of his father's paintings. And when you're outside, take a seat on a bench next to the brooding bronze Picasso.

Pablo Picasso museum in Málaga, Spain

In 2002 the people of Malaga gave the city's new seafront the name of another famous countryman. And while Antonio Banderas is being modest in Hollywood: "To be a star means to shine 24 hours a day. That's not about me" - you can admire the real stars from Banderas' romantic promenade in Málaga.

#2 Málaga's Automobile Museum

A peculiarly organised exhibition where the halls are named "Dream Cars", "Dolce Vita" or "Alternative Energy". Moreover, in one of the halls the cars are rusting and overgrown with grass: this is how the organizers of the exhibition draw attention to the problem of ecological well-being.

"Sun, sea, greenery, why do we need a tobacco factory here?": the cheerful Spaniards decided and closed down the factory to house the Car and Fashion Museum and a branch of St Petersburg's Russian Museum. First, take a mental trip back to Russia, admiring paintings by Shishkin and Levitan and then take a trip back in time.

Málaga's Automobile Museum, Spain

There are more than a hundred well-preserved vintage cars from all over the world in the Automotive Museum. Dads and kids love it and mums won't be bored either, with around 200 vintage dresses, hats and couture bags on display.

#3 Museum of Arts and Folk Traditions in Málaga

A must for the Costa del Sol: spend an hour learning about bullfighting and flamenco, local cuisine and the vibrant festivities of Andalusia.

Museum of Arts and Folk Traditions in Málaga, Spain

#4 Málaga Interactive Music Museum

This is the most interesting place for children because you can play all the musical instruments here.

#5 Colomares Castle in Benalmadena

A special attraction of the Costa del Sol is the Colomares Castle in Benalmadena.

It is a modern structure that is often referred to as the biggest monument to Columbus. In the towers of the castle you can recognize the ships of Columbus, the royal palace of Seville, the silhouette of Indian temples and the mysterious West Indies that we know as America.

Colomares Castle in Benalmadena, Spain

The list of things to see in the Costa del Sol can be completed by the other attractions in Andalusia. For example the Alcázar Palace and the House of Science in Seville, the Alhambra Castle and the Parque de las Ciencias in Granada, the Archaeological Museum in Córdoba and the remains of an ancient Roman temple. For pre-schoolers, though, the best place to visit is Júcar, the village where the Smurfs used to live.

#6 Museum of Pre-Columbian Art in Benalmadena

Its exhibition tells the story of the lives of the peoples of Mexico and Peru at a time when Europe did not know the Americas existed.

#7 Palaeontological Museum in Estepona

Dinosaur skeletons fascinate children and teenagers and adults will love the fact that there is no admission charge at this museum.

Palaeontological Museum in Estepona, Spain

#8 Málaga and Fuengirola: Alcazaba and Jibralfaro

The castles of Alcazaba and Jibraltaro in Málaga and Soayil or Castillo Soje in Fuengirola cannot be overlooked. The archaeological site near Fuengirola is a great place to learn about ancient history. It is especially great to visit during the summer market, which sells unusual souvenirs and traditional local sweets.

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