Where to go by car from Málaga for a day trip? The 5 most memorable sights

Discover the most interesting places, the journey by car to the many attractions around Málaga takes just one day!
Where to go by car from Málaga for a day trip? The 5 most memorable sights

Feed a pelican by hand, fly over the coast on a cable car and sing an aria in a cave! There's plenty to do around Málaga on the ground, above ground and even underground!

#1 Try to see Africa from the cable car in Benalmadena

Lovers of panoramic views and thrills should not miss a ride on the Teleferico Benalmadena cable car. Take an audioguide in Russian and listen to the highlights of the Costa del Sol on the way.

What can you do in the 15 minute climb up Mount Calamorro?

At an altitude of 771 meters above sea level you can enjoy not only the most spectacular views of the surroundings but also an exotic show of birds of prey. White-headed Sea Eagle, Caracara and Royal Buzzard show you why UNESCO has inscribed the ancient art of bird-hunting on its World Heritage List.

#2 Feed the peacocks and rabbits in Paloma Park

The clean, tidy and very comfortable Parque de la Paloma welcomes you with flowering trees and lovely wildlife. Rabbits and turtles hop in the grass and important chickens, roosters and peacocks roam under the palm trees. Seagulls, ducks, swans and pelicans splash about in a small pond. It's easy to spend an entire day here, grabbing a bite to eat at the onsite eateries. Entrance to the park is free.

#3 Check out Columbus Castle

The Castillo de Colomares was built for the 500th anniversary of Columbus with scope, inspiration and a sense of humour. They mixed Byzantine, Romanesque, Gothic and Moorish styles with the architectural traditions of Spain, gave it the shape of a ship in honour of the famous explorer and then aged it. The castle has an ambiguous appearance but is memorable on the spot. It is also home to the smallest chapel in the world: the Santa Isabel de Ungria in Colomares is not even two square metres in size.

#4 See the cacti in bloom

The alien-looking cacti and succulents in the Mora i Bravard Botanical Gardens near Casabonela look like they are about to release their tentacles and eyeballs on their stems. The plants enjoy the microclimate here so much that they bloom with gusto, and then appear ethereal. There are over two thousand botanical species in the garden's collection, and you could spend a day looking at them all. At the end of your walk, relax over a cup of coffee at a local cafe or buy a 'stone rose' to put on your windowsill.

#5 Gibralfaro Castle

On your way to other cities or on your return to Málaga, be sure to visit the Château de Hibralfaro. The most breathtaking views of Málaga are from the Arabian castle of Hibralfaro and the Berber fortress of Alcazaba.

There is plenty to see in this complex:

For those who go there for more than selfies, there are displays of medieval armour, weapons and ceramics. Take care and drive up to the castle, as it's easier in the heat than on foot. Don't forget to bring your driving licence, as most car hire companies in Málaga will ask to see this document before you can drive. Rentline Car is no exception in this matter. Discover the most interesting places around Málaga with Rentline Car. Take a couple of days off for an amazing road trip and choose the right car right now, pre-order it at the best price!