Where to stay: Costa del Sol areas & surroundings. Car rental near me

The variety of places to stay in the Costa del Sol can be confusing. Almost every resort boasts five-star hotels (there are many more than in other Spanish resort regions) and luxury villas.
Where to stay: Costa del Sol areas & surroundings. Car rental near me

Where to stay & Car rental near me

Followed by respectable fours, cosy threesomes and ingenuously furnished but perfectly adequate for sleeping doubles. When choosing where it's best to stay with children, we also recommend that you consider apartments.

Hotels in the Costa del Sol

As such, there are no family hotels in the Costa del Sol. Certainly, the hotel will provide a cot for a baby and a high chair for feeding, but you can't count on a playground, mini club, animation (resorts in Spain offer so much entertainment for children that hotels do not need to take care of it).

The only thing you should ask when choosing where to stay in the Costa del Sol is whether the hotel has a swimming pool. As the sea water can be too cold for swimming, you can sunbathe on the beach and have a swim in the pool.

An independent holiday

If you are planning an independent holiday in Costa del Sol with children and would like to rent an apartment, find out whether there is access to a communal pool (one for several houses).

All resorts on the Sunshine Coast are respectable and well-appointed but have their own quirks. For example, Marbella and Estepona are always a little colder than the other towns. To help you choose the right location for your holiday, here's a quick overview of the Costa del Sol.


This is the best option if you want to do a lot of sightseeing. It's a great base for exploring Andalusia with the kids and is well worth a long walk through its narrow streets. While retaining its ancient charm, Málaga has acquired all the hallmarks of a decent modern resort. Buses and trains run from Málaga to other towns in Andalusia, so this is the perfect base for exploring the rest of the Costa del Sol.

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A 7km strip of beaches and the coziness of a small town. Some of the hotels are located on a mountain and from there you can take lifts or use stairs to get down to the sea. The best place to stay with children is La Carihuela, away from the bustling centre.

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"The 'grey cardinal' of the coast. The little white town is home to half the entertainment of the Costa del Sol. Most hotels are in the coastal area of Benalmadena Costa. Benalmadena is well adapted to the influx of tourists and has everything you might need on holiday.


A great option for holidays with children if you like a quieter and more measured holiday. It is the easternmost resort town on the Costa del Sol. Unlike other seaside resort towns, Nerja has avoided the boom of multi-storey hotel developments and even today is a small and pretty green low-rise town with lots of rented villas and apartments

The landmark of Nerja is the Balcón de Europa (viewing platform in the form of a snow-white arcade decorated with flowers).


A resort with the cleanest coastline. All its beaches have earned the "blue flag". Most of the hotels in Fuengirola are close to the coast. There are no fancy five hotels, but the four and three offer the same high quality of service.


A luxury resort, which is chosen by celebrities. However, there are many affordable three- and four-star hotels. Golf and lounging by the sea are a favourite pastime. The clean coastline of the resort has been awarded a number of blue flags.

Where to stay: Costa del Sol areas & surroundings. Car rental near me Marbella, Spain.


The town resembles a kindly grandmother who bakes delicious biscuits for her grandchildren. The streets do have a whiff of pastry in Estepona - round, fluffy pastries used to be eaten only at Christmas time but now are available all year round. Estepona has a wide range of budget and expensive hotels. Near the Costa del Sol, east of Málaga, lies the Costa Tropical. It is less posh and therefore has a lot of inexpensive hotels and apartments.

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